New York, NY,
18:58 PM

The Today Show: Breast Cancer Awareness with Dr. Halaharvi

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a month we hold dear at OhioHealth, and today one of our very own breast cancer survivors and breast cancer surgeons had a chance to appear on The Today Show to talk about this important topic. 

Deepa Halaharvi, DO, holds a unique distinction, being not only a breast cancer surgeon but also a survivor. She'll tell you it's a path she didn't anticipate her life taking, but it's one that has helped her become a physician with a special gift. A gift to be able to tell her patients, "I've been where you are right now". 

Today on The Today Show, Dr. Halaharvi had the opportunity to share part of her survivor story as well as talk about the important topic of breast cancer screenings. You can watch her interview in the video above. 

Dr. Halaharvi is passionate about raising breast cancer awareness and sharing her story to help others. You can read her own account of what she wished she had known before her breast cancer diagnosis on the OhioHealth Wellness Blog