Dublin, OH,
14:00 PM

This Week News: OhioHealth Survival Story

Daughter Donates Kidney To Save Mother's Life

There is something special between a mother and daughter. They can share so much in their lives together. For one mother and daughter team, both OhioHealth associates, they share a unique connection, a kidney.

Sandy Stern, a nurse at OhioHealth Dublin Methodist Hospital has been battling polycystic kidney disease for some time. She knew that she would need a transplant at some point in her life. Little did she know that the match would be her daughter.

Annie Stern donated one of her kidneys in June 2016.

When Sandy learned that her daughter would be her lifesaver, she told the Dublin Villager, it brought her to tears.

“It was just like a huge relief,” she told reporter Sarah Sole.

Annie works as a scheduling coordinator for OhioHealth and told the Dublin Villager, she would do anything to save her mom's life, including giving this gift of life.

“It was just like a no-brainer. Seeing her health really struggle, It was affecting all of us, I think” she said.

Two of Sandy's other daughters have the same kidney disease she does.

Eddie Umphries, Sandy Stern's manager at Dublin Methodist says that Sandy worked up until her transplant.

"We gave her some other tasks to do so she could manage some of the challenges from the health issues she was dealing with," Umphries said.

When Stern returned to work, Umprhies told the Villager there was another opportunity for Stern to work with staffing on her floor, instead of direct contact with patients.

“It’s where I belong,” Stern said to The Villager.

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