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ThisWeek News: Kobacker Expansion

8 New Rooms Set To Open This Fall, Thanks To Generosity Of Others

Big things are happening at OhioHealth Kobacker House.  Construction is well under way on a new addition to the 24-bed hospice inpatient center, with an additional 8 rooms expected to be completed by Fall 2017. 

Thanks to the generosity of so many donors through a capital campaign, Kobacker House has seen donations of more than $4.8 million dollars to the project.

In addition to all of the giving, that act goes far beyond just money.

The people that walk the halls of the Kobacker House, in many of the roles, are volunteers.

"I thought it would be enlightening to be more involved in what goes on here day to day,” Volunteer Trish Cadwallader said to ThisWeek Reporter Kevin Parks. “It’s very inspiring. It’s inspiring to see the volunteers and the staff. It’s inspiring to meet the patients and the families going through tough times."

Trish is now on the Kobacker board and says it's amazing to see all of the work and love that happens between staff members, volunteers, and families.

For the volunteer manager at Kobacker House, watching the construction happening right in front of her eyes, and knowing what that means for families that need hospice services means everything.

“We don’t think it’s depressing because we think it’s about living,” Linda Hanson said to ThisWeek News. “We think it’s part of the process.”

As for the process of construction, mother nature has been kind. That has allowed crews to stay on, or in some cases ahead of the schedule.

"“It’s going very well,” Mark Smither, senior project manager with O’Brien Robinson Construction Services told Kevin Parks. “We’ve been very fortunate with our weather this year.”

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