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Ukraine Delegation Visits OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital

Ukraine Visit

How far would you go to learn from some of the best and brightest minds in medical education and simulation? To get inside the Center for Medical Education and Innovation at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital, medical professionals came to central Ohio all the way from Ukraine.

“It’s amazing to see all of the practical technology you have to train medical professionals,” Anna Masovets, from the Ukraine delegation, said.

These medical professionals spent several hours to learn how this team puts together everything from 3-D printing, creating very realistic simulations for physicians and other learners to be their best and stay their best.

“To have people come in from outside who work with ministries of health and other countries to see that we are on the cutting edge of that with OhioHealth really reinforces the work we do,” said Brad Gable, MD, medical director for OhioHealth Simulation.

The hope is to take what they can from these lectures and hands-on learning, and take it back home to make things better there.

“What I’m seeing is they are looking at this to, thinking of potentially starting their own center, on a smaller scale,” said Masovets.

For the OhioHealth team, it’s a proud moment to see what they have created.

“We are pretty lucky have world class simulationists here,” Dr. Gable said. “You almost forget when you are in in everyday, it becomes the norm for our team.”

“They are getting inspiration and ideas that it can be done differently,” Masovets said.

And this is not the only group to visit. Recently, a group from Japan toured, along with others planned from around the globe.

“To see different ways to doing the same thing, that it can be taught the world over, this is truly the universal language,” Dr. Gable said.