Columbus, OH,
19:21 PM

USA TODAY: Battelle Recycling Millions of N95 Masks Each Day

After a post-dinner conversation between Laurie Hommema, MD, OhioHealth medical director of provider and associate well-being, and her husband, Kevin, the idea to clean and re-use N95 masks has now become a reality that's keeping thousands of frontline healthcare workers safe.

Kevin, an engineer at Battelle, brougt to light a 4-year-old study Battelle had completed that proved it possible to decontaminate and reuse the N95 masks. Just six weeks later, Battelle's systems can now decontaminate millions of masks per day that are being shipped across the country. 

"Because N95 masks were usually so inexpensive and readily avaialble, no one was aware of the study until the Hommemas brought it to attention," Chris Clinton, OhioHealth vice president of shared services, told USA TODAY reporter Katie Wedell.

For the Hommemas, they're just grateful the technology was deployed and masks across the country are being re-stocked.

“I’m just glad it came together,” Kevin Hommema said.

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