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US News & World Report: MS Support Groups

OhioHealth Doctor: "Groups Can Shine Light & Navigate Around Disease"

Getting a diagnosis like Multiple Sclerosis can lead to a lot of feelings. Depression, loneliness, sadness can be among them.

“Although multiple sclerosis attacks people of all ages, it frequently hits those who are younger than 40 years, a time of life when we’re often deeply involved with advancing our careers, raising families and nurturing relationships,” told U.S. News & World Report.

After some of those feelings start to give way to hope and fight, there can be an important component that comes into play; support groups.

Dr. Jacqueline Nicholas, a neuroimmunologist at the OhioHealth Neuroscience Center says support groups can be a critical part of the patients' big picture treatment plan.

"Obstacles can feel insurmountable, but a support group can shine a light on the path and help patients navigate around their disease,” told the publication.

At OhioHealth, there is a full listing of support groups available to those with all sorts of neurological conditions, including MS.

The Dempsey Family Education and Resource Center is where the majority of the support groups take place.

“We hold different groups. One is for the newly diagnosed, and with this group, we’ll have a physician or nurse practitioner visit from time to time to discuss particular concerns, as well as facilitate discussions among fellow MS patients,” Nicholas told U.S.News & World Report. “At the same time, when people are first diagnosed, it seems like everyone wants to offer advice. So, it helps to get together just to sort through the onslaught of information.”

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