Columbus, OH,
21:39 PM

WMFD-TV: Treating COVID-19 Patients

We've heard firsthand accounts from patients diagnosed with COVID-19, but have you ever wondered what it's like to be a medical professional treating someone with the virus? 

Ryan Kamp, MD, a pulmonologist at OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital, talked with WMFD-TV about some of procedures put in place for treating a COVID-19 patient.

"We're still doing the same type of care to the COVID-19 patient versus a regular patient, but the real difference is what we are doing to interact with that patient," Dr. Kamp told WMFD-TV reporter Sartaj Singh.

All doctors, nurses and other staff must wear different types of personal protective equipment (PPE) when treating COVID-19 patients. They also have to monitor their interactions and limit their time spent with patients, as well as make sure all necessary equipment is within the vicinity and ready to go if needed. 

"A large majority of everybody that I have been working with, and that includes other physicians and other providers... have really just kind of dove right in, and have said 'This is what we do, this is how we take care of these patients'... we just kind of roll with it and deal with it," said Dr. Kamp. 

Moving forward, Dr. Kamp recommends everyone continue to follow guidelines from officials in order to stay safe.

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