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Work and Heart Health

The number of hours you work per week may impact your cardiovascular risk, according to new study

HealthDay Work and Your Heart

Video Transcript:
Working long hours may be dangerous to your heart health, according to new research.

The study indicates that working 46 hours or more per week increases the long-term risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack. Researchers tracked the work hours and medical status of more than 1,900 men and women who had been employed for at least a decade. Among full-time workers, risk for cardiovascular disease was lowest between 40 and 45 hours per week…. But starting at 46 hours per week, increasing time on the job was associated with increased risk of coronary artery disease, heart failure, heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke. Those who worked 55 hours or longer per week saw a 16 percent increased risk and for those who worked 60 hours per week, the associated risk rose to 30 percent.

One of the study authors says heart disease prevention efforts focused on work schedule practices may help reduce the risk of heart disease for millions of working Americans.

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