Columbus, OH,
17:02 PM

10TV: COVID-19 and Stroke

10TV 5P Stroke 5.8.20

COVID-19 has been linked to things like pneumonia and other types of respiratory illness, but now stroke has also been added to the list of medical problems the virus can cause. 

More and more young people have been experiencing an uptick in stroke symptoms, yet they haven't been seeking medical care. B.J. Hicks, MD, a vascular neurologist at OhioHealth, spoke with 10TV about the issue.

"Young and middle-aged people who are clinically recovered from COVID-19 are suddenly having a blood clot or large vessel stroke," said Dr. Hicks. "These types of stroke are typically the most devastating."

If you or someone you know is at risk, it's important to remember to act fast, assess whether your body is showing standard signs of stroke and get to an emergency department as quickly as possible.