Columbus, OH,
20:49 PM

10TV: How COVID-19 is Challenging Healthcare Providers

10TV Dr. HommemaResilency 3.27.20

With over 3,300 positive tests for COVID-19 in Ohio as of April 3, the virus has posed new challenges to healthcare workers as they prepare for what's to come. 

Laurie Hommema, MD, OhioHealth medical director of provider and associate well-being, spoke with 10TV about how the industry is handling the rapidly evolving situation.

"Everything is so emotionally charged right now," said Dr. Hommema. "I think it's because we are stepping into the unknown. We don’t have a cure, we don’t have therapies that are proven yet, and all we can do is supportive care in the hospital. I think that weighs heavily on a lot of our providers."

Dr. Hommema and her team monitor factors like shift length, personal time off and quality recharging for physicians and associates. 

"We're training for a marathon.  Because we know it's not going to go away quickly," said Dr. Hommema.