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10TV: Playground Safety Tips

10TV Playground Safety

When it comes to fun things to do with your family during the summertime, playgrounds are always a great option. But it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt! So, make sure you are always alert and making sure everyone staying safe while they are climbing around.

Urmil Pandya, MD, trauma medical director at OhioHealth Grant Medical Center talked with 10TV reporter Tino Ramos about just how dangerous playgrounds can really be.

“Playground injuries are really a significant contributor to emergency department visits,” said Dr. Pandya

According to CDC, over 200,000 kids each year are sent to emergency rooms for playground related injuries. Over the years playgrounds have become safer with, smoother edges, materials that do not get as hot, guard rails and more, but there are still dangers when it comes to playground equipment.

“Falling off of playground equipment is a huge thing typically falling onto the ground or falling onto other equipment can lead to these injuries,” said Dr. Pandya. Making sure the playground surface is a softer material such as tires, or mulch can be a big part in keeping kids safe.

“One thing is parental supervision to assure that things are being utilized the right way,” Dr. Pandya told 10TV. Paying attention to make sure kids are using the equipment properly instead of checking your phone can be a great way to prevent injury.

If an accident does happen, make sure to call 911 if it is serious or click here to find an OhioHealth Emergency Department near you.