Columbus, OH,
12:00 PM

A Big Imagination Produces Amazing Results from the OhioHealth Digital Solutions Team

OhioHealth Digital Solutions

How would you feel waking up for work knowing you are going to a place that inspires your imagination? No, it is not Disney World, but at the OhioHealth Digital Solutions office, associates experience just that. While they may have chalk boards, arcade games and even virtual reality, there is serious work being done here that changes the way patients and caregivers use technology for healthcare.

The associates here are similar to a digital start-up company, but under the umbrella of OhioHealth. This creative office works together to create and problem solve new ways of efficiency for OhioHealth patients, physicians and associates through technology.

Salil Verma, OhioHealth digital experience vice president, said, “What we are is the engineering shop that creates some of the really cool and impactful consumer experiences that healthcare customers need to see today.”

This digital laboratory uses 21st century technology and ideas to make patients’ lives easier. Take the OhioHealth mobile app; Tracey Iles, OhioHealth digital marketing manager, said, “We were able to build an app that allows our patients to access their healthcare, schedule an appointment, see locations, message their doctors and see test results.” The app recently received its 100,000th download.

This innovative team uses their tech savvy knowledge to create a pathway to convenient healthcare, all the while making the everyday work environment fun. Once they reach a goal or milestone in their creativity they celebrate and continue on to improve the work they have already done.

With access to 3D printing and state of the art imaging, the OhioHealth Digital Solutions team looks forward to changing the way healthcare is provided to patients.

“The world is changing so we know that we have to change with it,” said Verma.