Columbus, OH,
20:56 PM

ABC6 : Debunking Cold Weather Myths

There is no doubt we are in the thick of winter. Hats, gloves, scarves and coats are not just "winter fashion", they are a necessity. But what about those cold weather stories we tell ourselves? Like we lose most of our heat through our heads? Or going out in the cold will cause you to catch a cold?

OhioHealth physicians, Dr. Laurie Hommema and Dr. Joe Gladwell spoke with Terri Sullivan of ABC6 about five common myths related to cold weather - we're separating fact from fiction.



True or False?

1. You lose most of your heat through your head

False. You can lose heat through your head, but you can also lose it through any other body part that is uncovered. For many people in the winter, their heads are the most exposed; however, there is nothing special about the head that makes it lose heat faster than other surfaces of the body.

2. Being cold give you a cold

False. Colds are caused by a virus.

3. You don’t have to use sunscreen when it’s cold out

False. The sun is always out, even in cloudy weather. You should wear sunscreen every day.

4. Allergies go away in cold weather

Depends. If you have seasonal allergies such being sensitive to trees when they are blooming, then yes, they will go away. If you have an indoor allergy, it will not.

5. Alcohol keeps you warm

False. Alcohol makes you feel flushed, but doesn’t actually keep you warm. When you consume alcohol, it sends all of the blood to the ends of your body, so you are actually at higher risk for hypothermia.