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ABC6: Babies & Flu Season

Doctors Work On Teaching Good Habits To Parents And Visitors


Hello, flu season.  For most people out there, washing their hands and covering coughs have become good habits.  Now think about how one slip in that routine could be for a newborn baby and their family.

For Rebecca Miller and Aaron Hollycross, who just welcomed their daughter Paige to this world, flu season is a big worry.

"It's always a really hard flu season for new babies. She has a weak immune system," said Miller to ABC6.

New parents have a lot to be thinking about when the new baby arrives in the hospital. That is why at Doctors Hospital, the team there works on education as well as care.

"They're pretty susceptible especially in the first week to two weeks," Doctors Hospital OBGYN Dustin Blackwell told ABC6's, Tara Morgan.

Dr. Blackwell is a new parent himself.  And when that child struggled with breathing issues in the first few months of life, he knew how important it was to make sure others knew what could happen.

 "If you look at pictures of a cough or sneeze the amount of spread that those have is pretty amazing," Dr. Blackwell told ABC6.

That is why doctors and nurses make sure to educate everyone about washing hands before coming into a room with a new baby, and once the family is home, to make sure there are rules in place.

Rebecca says she will put up safeguards, and rules before people come to visit her beautiful new baby.

"If they were really sick I'd just [show them] a picture," Miller told ABC6.

"Giving friends and family the opportunity to meet and greet with the new one but you also want the safety aspect to come in and know when to say you know what let's wait till you feel better," said Dr. Blackwell.

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