Columbus, OH,
13:49 PM

ABC6: Music Therapy

A familiar tune, a hit song; there is something about music that gets to your heart, your soul.

For those suffering from a neurological issue, that connection from your brain to the rest of your body can be interrupted.

At OhioHealth's Dempsey Family Education Center at the Neuroscience Center at Riverside Methodist Hospital, there are music therapy classes that are finding ways to get those connections back.

"I didn't lose my memory for music, for the songs. I do remember the words," Eric Freece told ABC6 reporter Tara Morgan.

Eric Freece had a stroke about 4 years ago.  He has lost some of his short term memory, but hasn't lost hope, or a love for music, and music therapy.

"You're at a loss at how to improve their life, how to make things meaningful again and I think music therapy is one thing that touches the soul," said Debbie Freece to ABC6.

Twice a month, the Freece's find themselves amongst friends, some strangers, and the instructor of the Music Therapy Program at OhioHealth, Amy Dunlap.

"It's not about trying hard, or achieving something, it's about the progress," Dunlap told Morgan.

Music therapy is just one avenue for Eric on his road to recovery. But for him, it is a critical component that he never wants to miss.

"Getting back to normal, speaking and doing things is such an uplifting event and this is very uplifting," Freece said to ABC6.

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