Columbus, OH,
21:52 PM

ABC6: OhioHealth Transforms Administrative Campus Into Public Vaccine Clinic

The time has come, the public is starting to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. Leading up to the start of the public vaccine clinic that started this week, the teams at OhioHealth spent countless hours getting the OhioHealth David P. Blom Administrative Campus ready to handle hundreds of people coming through for vaccines daily. “This is the day we have been waiting for at OhioHealth, a chance to vaccinate the public,” Joe Gastaldo, MD, medical director of infectious diseases at OhioHealth said.

The first floor of the facility now feels like going to an airport. There is a spot for folks to check-in, before moving to a waiting area, onto the vaccine space and then to a waiting area for observation. “We have worked extremely hard to get this to be an area that is easy to navigate, but also one that is safe for people during this pandemic,” Dr. Gastaldo said. To get here, many groups had to work hand-in-hand to get this ready. And as the rollout happens, there also has to be very close coordination to make it work. “We know that the public wants this vaccine, and we are excited to have it for our patients. The science is there that this vaccine is safe, and our teams are ready to administer this vaccine starting with the most vulnerable,” Dr. Gastaldo said. The goal, depending on supply, is to vaccinate 100 patients an hour over a 10 hour day of vaccines. This will just be one of many OhioHealth vaccine clinics around communities. 

Vaccinations in Columbus began Monday at the OhioHealth David P. Blom Administrative Campus. Walk-in appointments are not accepted. Only those individuals who have scheduled a vaccination through OhioHealth MyChart or the OhioHealth vaccine hotline will be vaccinated.

OhioHealth has also opened vaccination clinics in six counties Monday, including Delaware, Franklin, Hardin, Marion, Pickaway and Richland. OhioHealth is partnering with the Athens City-County Health Department for vaccinations in Athens. For a full list and to schedule visit

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