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16:41 PM

ABC6: TMS Therapy

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Gives Hope To Depression Patients

For someone locked in bouts of depression, there can be little light at the end of a tunnel. Too often, a person that lives in that world knows this is very different that dealing with the blues, this is a medical condition.

Many times the person that is impacted will need someone they are close to help them look for options and treatments. Sometimes that might be a treatment the person affected has never heard of.

OhioHealth psychiatrist Megan Schabbing says more than half of people depression have not been diagnosed.

"Certainly major warning signs for depression would be any kind of thoughts of wishing you were dead even if they're passive thoughts," said Dr. Schabbing.

Bouts of depression go well beyond not being able to shake that feeling; it can lead to many problems that impacts jobs, relationships, and overall health.

"A person can develop depression regardless out of the blue," said Dr. Schabbing.

Dr. Schabbing says many people don't respond to typical anti-depressants or tolerate the side effects. Some even build up a resistance.

There is a treatment that has shown signs of success over the years. TMS is transcranial magnetic stimulation and is an FDA approved alternative.

"It's very non-invasive and localized," said Dr. Schabbing.

The machine sends magnetic pulses to the brain on and off for nearly 40 minutes.

"If the mind is being actively engaged during treatment the treatment will be more effective," said Dr. Schabbing.

Dr. Schabbing says TMS has had a significant success rate with many of the patients continuing on a regular pattern of treatments. The hope is to slowly wean patients away from their regular medication, but many patients will remain on some medication for depression.

The hope is some of the success from TMS treatment for depression can be used in treating pain, dementia and anxiety moving forward.

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