Columbus, OH,
12:00 PM

Beating the Heat This Summer

This summer is sizzling and the high temperatures are impacting central Ohio families. Keeping cool in the pool or taking a few sips of water might sound like enough to get you through the sweltering heat, but there are health risks associated with overexposure to heat. While applying the sunscreen may help keep sunburns at bay, heat exhaustion poses a threat to your health during these increased summer temperatures.

NBC4’s Elyse Chengery spoke with Michael Jarzabek, DO, an emergency medicine physician at OhioHealth Emergency Care- Powell, about the warning signs of possible heat stroke.

"A big problem that happens is all of a sudden your body actually stops sweating. If you stop sweating you're in a lot of trouble," Dr. Jarzabek told Chengery.

Other warning signs include dizziness, headache, increased heartbeat and vomiting.

"A lot of times you're altered, you're confused. You could actually be comatose and that could be a life-threatening thing," Dr. Jarzabek told Chengery.

According to Dr. Jarzabeck, most people who come in to be treated for heat exhaustion are between the ages of 20 and 40. However, parents of young children should also be aware of a specific warning sign their child might exhibit.

“When that child actually stops crying, that's because they’re actually getting dehydrated…they can't cry anymore or their mouth is very dry. Those are signs of starting to develop significant dehydration," Dr. Jarzabek told Chengery.

While you are soaking up the sun this summer stay cool and be aware of the temperature outside. If you feel yourself getting too hot the best thing to do is to just stay inside.

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