Columbus, OH,
16:26 PM

Business Steps Up For OhioHealth During Pandemic


March 2020: the time where everything changed. For OhioHealth Doctors Hospital, that certainly was the case.

"Our biggest concern was the safety of our doctors, nurses, associates, and patients," Mike Reichfield, President, OhioHealth Doctors Hospital said.

The same can be said for local businesses, including west side business Murray Hill Dentist.

"It was a scary time," Troy Walton, Murray Hill  Family Dental said.

As business were force to shut down, Troy looked at his supplies and the landscaped and decided OhioHealth needed what they had, PPE, or personal protective equipment.

"We've always had a strong connection with Doctors Hospital, and we didn't know how long we would be closed down.  So it wasn't a tremendous leap for us, it's part of our DNA to be there for our community," Walton said.

It was a generous donation, and one that didn't surprise the Doctors Hospital president, Mike Reichfield.

"They are much more than isolated providers, they are an active part of the community. I can't say enough about Troy, and the team there," Reichfield said.

The hope is that others will see this act, and act themselves. What can you do for someone else, who needs what you have?

"When our community needs us, we want to be first in line," Walton said.  "Get engaged, find something, or someone who needs your help, there are still struggles out there," Walton said.