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Chemicals in Household Dust

Household dust contains a wide range of toxic chemicals, according to new study.


Video Transcript: 
The dust in your house may be exposing you to a wide range of toxic chemicals, according to a new study.

Researchers reviewed 26 prior studies that analyzed dust samples taken from homes in 14 states throughout the U.S. Their goal was to identify the top toxic chemicals commonly found in this dirt and grime. In all, they found 45 potentially toxic chemicals that are used in consumer and household products. High on the list was DEHP, a type of phthalate, or plastic softener. Phthalates have been linked to several serious health conditions and have been banned in many children’s products since 1999. Also found in large amounts…. Phenols, which are used in cleaning products… flame retardant chemicals, at least one of which is a known cancer-causing agent… and highly fluorinated chemicals used to make non-stick cookware

The lead author says, "The findings suggest that people, and especially children, are exposed on a daily basis to multiple chemicals in dust that are linked to serious health problems." The researchers say consumers can reduce their exposure by using a strong vacuum with a HEPA filter, washing their hands frequently and avoiding household products that contain potentially dangerous ingredients.

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