Columbus, OH,
16:38 PM

Columbus Dispatch: 'An Angel In a White Uniform'

Columbus doctor retiring after 50 years at same hospital

Dr Baird and wife Becky

The Columbus Dispatch recently ran a front-page story about the career and retirement of Dr. Ian Baird. Dr. Baird has been an infectious disease doctor at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist for 50 years and officially retired on Thursday, Sept. 30.

The article touches on Dr. Baird’s career and all that he’s witnessed from the discovery of Legionnaire’s disease, to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and on through to the COVID-19 pandemic. It also explains how a young medical student from Scotland came to practice in the States after a chance encounter with a young nurse at Grant named Becky.

Click here to read the article in the Columbus Dispatch.

Photo credit: Courtney Hergesheimer, Columbus Dispatch