Columbus, OH,
17:22 PM

Columbus Dispatch: Making Redeployment Rewarding

When COVID-19 turned the healthcare industry upside down, it took everyone pitching in to get the job done. 

James Jeansonne, a digital marketing employee at OhioHealth, experienced this firsthand when he traded in his normal desk job for a slot working the overnight shift and taking temperatures at OhioHealth Grady Memorial Hospital.

"It’s given me a greater appreciation for the work the folks on the front line are doing,” Jeansonne told Columbus Dispatch reporter Ken Gordon. 

Jeansonne now works at Grady Memorial on Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights. He's just one of the over 1,800 associates who answered OhioHealth's call for volunteers to be redeployed to areas of need.

Though his day-to-day duties have radically changed, Jeansonne said the experience is still what he hoped for the most: rewarding. 

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