Columbus, OH,
18:22 PM

Columbus Dispatch: Mental-illness tag not so simple to explain shootings

In the wake of any mass shooting, the question is usually asked: "was mental illness a factor?" 

Since Sunday's Orlando, Florida shooting that claimed 49 innocent club-goers, the question is being raised yet again. The Columbus Dispatch reporter, Lori Kurtzman, spoke with OhioHealth Psychiatrist, Megan Schabbing, about the link between mental illness and murder. 

Dr. Schabbing primarily works at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital, where she evaluates patients throughout the hospital. She also sees patients in the emergency department, and is no stranger to performing suicide and homicide risk assessments. 

Dr. Schabbing spoke to the Columbus Dispatch about what she's encountered in her work, the risk factors of murder, and tragic incidents like the mass murder in Orlando can bring the topic of mental health into our community's conversations. 

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