Columbus, OH,
21:22 PM

Columbus Dispatch: Coping With COVID-19 - How to Protect Your Well-Being

Working from home, cancelling birthday parties and not having regular get togethers can take its toll during the quarantine.  Columbus Dispatch reporter Holly Zachariah recently wrote a story about ways to cope with stress and anxiety during the outbreak.  

She spoke to Megan Schabbing, MD, medical director of psychiatric emergency services for OhioHealth.

“Think about what your coping strategies to manage stress are under even every day circumstances,” Dr. Schabbing told the Dispatch. “For some people it is exercise, for some it is journaling, for some its meditation. Commit to employing those strategies now even more.”

The most important thing we should be doing right now?  Dr. Schabbing told the Dispatch, “we have to be looking out for each other.”

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