Cambridge, OH,
19:03 PM

First in the State of Ohio Knee Replacement at Guernsey Health System


In August, our very own Vanessa Voytko, MD, conducted a ground-breaking new knee replacement procedure at Southeastern Med. The procedure used new implant technology from Zimmer Biomet called Persona IQ® and is the latest innovation in knee replacement techniques. Dr. Voytko is the first physician in the state of Ohio to perform the procedure along with her team.

Persona IQ® differs from previous knee replacement options because it leverages smart technology. Implanted like other total knee replacement devices, it goes a step further by capturing relevant metrics about the affected knee’s functionality and transmitting them to both the patient and the surgeon. Unlike non-smart knee replacement devices, it allows the doctor to monitor a patient’s healing process from the inside out.

After a patient undergoes this new procedure, they will receive a base station to take home. The base station connects to Wi-Fi to enable communication between the knee implant and the patient’s online dashboard. From the dashboard, both the patient and the surgeon can view the data captured.

The Persona IQ® device records data such as range of motion, step count, average walking speed and more. As it collects that data, the surgeon can establish benchmarks to compare progress against and look for any anomalies. This integrated smart technology gives greater access than ever to what’s really going on in the body, allowing doctors to make more informed choices about their patients’ care

Congratulations to Dr. Voytko and team on successfully bringing this exciting new development to the Southeastern Ohio community!

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