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Food Choices and Cancer Risk

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Regular consumption of sugary beverages and processed foods may increase cancer risk, new study finds.

More reasons that you may want to lay off the unhealthy carbs and cut down on your sugar intake.

A new study finds regular consumption of sugary beverages and processed foods is tied to risk of certain types of cancer. Researchers analyzed the medical records of more than 3,100 people who were tracked since the early 1970s. They looked closely at their dietary choices, measuring carbohydrate quality and glycemic load… which measures the impact food has on blood sugar levels. They found that eating foods with a high glycemic load was associated with higher risk of prostate cancer. By contrast, eating foods with a low glycemic load was tied to a lower risk of breast cancer.

The lead author says the study shows “strong associations between certain foods and cancer” and supports current cancer prevention guidelines that recommend avoiding sugary drinks and limiting consumption of refined carbohydrates.

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