Columbus, OH,
18:00 PM

Fox 28 Hot Health Headlines: Flu Season

With flu season right around the corner, doctors are urging everyone to get their flu vaccination now to ensure they’re protected before flu season peaks in the coming months. That was the message infectious disease specialist Dr. Joe Gastaldo of OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital recently shared with Fox 28’s Good Day Columbus.

“It takes your immune system 10-14 days to build up protection from influenza after receiving the vaccination, so now is the time to get your shot, before flu season ramps up,” said Dr. Gastaldo.

Dr. Gastaldo also discussed that the nasal mist, an attractive alternative to the influenza vaccine, has been shown largely ineffective in preventing flu and is no longer an option for those wary of needles.

To keep yourself healthy this winter, Dr. Gastaldo says a little handwashing goes a long way and basic courtesies like coughing or sneezing into your elbow, instead of the air around you, is the best way to keep your friends and loved ones healthy as they gather over the holidays.

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