Columbus, OH,
22:48 PM

Guy Fieri Visits Riverside Maternity Unit... Where He Was Born

If you’re a Food Network fan, then you’re familiar with the man below, Guy Fieri, who hosts the very popular and long running show, “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.”

What you may not know is that Guy was born at Riverside in 1968! His mom and dad were going to OSU when he was born but moved to California shortly thereafter.

Guy was in town this past weekend so we contacted his publicist and invited Guy to visit the Riverside Maternity Unit and surprise, surprise, he accepted! And to top it off, he was travelling with his mom, dad and aunt, and they came along as well. They are a super nice family and so patient with everyone who wanted a picture.

It was a great walk down memory lane for them and a fun Friday surprise for the staff at Riverside! Here are a few pictures from the visit.