Mansfield, OH,
17:21 PM

Mansfield News Journal: Shelby Woman Recovers From COVID-19

As Ohio bands together to help flatten the curve and stop the spread of COVID-19, one patient at OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital shares her story about recovering from the virus.

After feeling sick for weeks, Donna Bourne, 54, was hospitalized for five days at Mansfield Hospital, where she tested positive for COVID-19.

One of her first symptoms was pain in her upper arms and upper thighs, followed by muscle aches in her back, headaches and pain across the bridge of her nose.

"Every single muscle in my chest hurt. From the bottom of my lung to the top of my lung, it physically contracted. Your whole chest wall would cave in," Bourne told Mansfield News Journal reporter Lou Whitmire. "I've had asthma and this was different, I was fighting to breathe."

While in the hospital, Bourne stayed connected with friends and family through Facebook Live videos, where she spoke with her grandchildren and answered questions about her condition.

Though she’s now recovering and back to sleeping in her own bed, Bourne said she hopes no one else gets sick and that people pay attention.

"Stop saying this is no big deal," she said. "Keep positive, heed the warnings and just stay home."

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