Columbus, OH,
16:40 PM

Modern Healthcare: The Check Up with Steve Markovich

In the midst of leading central Ohio's largest healthcare system through the COVID-19 outbreak, Stephen Markovich, MD, president and CEO of OhioHealth, appeared on an episode of Modern Healthcare's "The Check Up" to talk about the organization's incident command center and how the pandemic has impacted his leadership skills. 

"We have an incident command process for any emergency, but this was on a different level," Dr. Markovich told Modern Healthcare editor Matthew Weinstock. "Our first and foremost goal was to focus on the mission. Then we had to take care of our patients and our people because without doing that, we couldn't accomplish our mission of great patient care."

Though his first year in his new role as president and CEO had some unexpected twists and turns, Dr. Markovich said the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way he operated as a leader.

"As soon as this thing kicked off, I knew I was going to need to elevate because I'm in a different role now," said Dr. Markovich. "This was a chance to mentor and develop some other folks and give them a chance to shine and spread their wings."

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