Columbus, OH,
02:39 AM

Mother's Day

OhioHealth Nursing Family Celebrates Mother's Day

It’s Mother’s Day, a day to honor those special ladies in all of our lives.

For Lisa Gossett and Sam Valentie, this bond between mother and daughter has taken a very special career turn. Nursing runs in the blood!

“I did a project in the 3rd grade, they asked what do you want to be when you grew up? I said a nurse just like my mom," Samantha said.

For Lisa her passion for nursing allowed her to achieve the title of Chief Nursing Officer, most recently named to that position at Dublin Methodist Hospital and Grady Memorial.

To see her daughter take that 3rd grade dream, and turn it into a reality and a career, well that’s beyond special for this mom.

“Just really super proud moment too." Lisa Gossett said.  "It’s so much fun having a daughter who is a colleague in the profession to get to talk about this language we have in common.”

They had something else in common until recently. Lisa was the Chief Nursing Officer at Riverside Methodist Hospital for 4 years, at the same time Sam was starting out, also at Riverside.

“Just knowing she was down there was comforting, having your mom there you know, but very excited for the change in her career,” Sam said.

To earn her own stripes, she didn’t tell managers, or fellow nurses who her mom was.

Now at separate hospitals within OhioHealth, they are always talking about this passion for nursing, helping patients and their families, and wondering what might be next, like in Sam’s daughter Ava.

“She is going to do amazing with whatever she does, if that is 3 generations of nursing, I’ll be just as proud of her as my mom is of me,” Sam said.

And that certainly is the case here.

“When you were younger, I always said, God gave me you to teach me things," Lisa said. "You taught me a lot about what it is to be a mom.”