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NBC4: Christmas Stockings Delivered to Newborns

NBC4 Sewing Guild Christmas Stockings at RMH

What could be better than a newborn baby during the holidays? For many families, a newborn can be one of the most special gifts they receive during the holiday season. But for babies and their families at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital, Christmas came a little early.

Eight newborns were in for a special surprise last week when volunteer members of Sewing Guild 49 delivered handmade Christmas stockings for each baby, while family members and loved ones gathered around to watch outside the nursery.

The Christmas stockings are a longstanding tradition with the Sewing Guilds, which are in their 96th year of service at Riverside Methodist and are made up of 11 individual guilds. Guild 49 includes over 20 members and has been making Christmas stockings for the newborn babies at Riverside for over 50 years, with its longest serving member making them for the past 45 years. Another member has been helping sew the stockings for the past 30 years.

Together, the Sewing Guilds craft over 12,000 items for patients each year. In addition to the Christmas stockings, some of the items they make include blankets, stuffed animals, neck pillows, walker bags, heart pillows, rice socks, busy aprons and anything else patients might need.

If you're interested in joining the Sewing Guild, please contact Riverside Volunteer Services at 614-566-5313 or click here.

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