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21:04 PM

NBC4: Should You Wear Gloves?

TV4 Dr G Gloves Necessary 4.14.20

With masks now being recommended for public use, donning gloves seems like the logical next step to protecting yourself against COVID-19.

However, Joseph Gastaldo, MD, OhioHealth system medical director, infectious diseases, spoke with NBC4 on April 14 about how they might just be giving people a false sense of security instead. 

“COVID-19 cannot be absorbed through the skin, so you won’t catch the virus by touching a box," Dr. Gastaldo told NBC4. "The virus needs to access your respiratory system through a cough, sneeze or someone too close to you talking."

Your safest bet? Limit touching your eyes, nose and mouth as much as possible, and wash your hands as soon as you get to the grocery store and as soon as you get back home.