Columbus, OH,
12:00 PM

OhioHealth Administrative Campus on Schedule to Open Next Spring

Business First took a hard hat tour of the facility and filed this report

Dave Blom, president and CEO, OhioHealth
“Just ten years ago, OhioHealth had 11,000 associates and six member hospitals. Today, we have more than 29,000 associates and 10 member hospitals."

"We have a rare opportunity here to create an exciting work space that is creative, cost effective, efficient and even inspirational. It’s a significant milestone in our history and we’re very excited about it.”
Dave Blom, president and CEO, OhioHealth

As OhioHealth’s clinical services have grown over the years requiring expansions at several medical facilities, so have space needs in the non-clinical areas. Administrative and support functions are currently spread across 22 locations (588,000 square feet) throughout Central Ohio, including the corporate headquarters located at 180 East Broad Street.

To bring those non-clinical areas together, OhioHealth began planning and building a new 270,000 square foot administrative campus in 2016. Today, it is on budget and on schedule to open in the spring of 2019. Moving to one facility will:

  • create an attractive work environment that enhances teamwork, culture and productivity
  • improve accessibility for customers, associates and physicians
  • improve the efficiency and comfort of the office spaces
  • position OhioHealth for future growth of the organization
  • be significantly more cost-effective, over time, than leasing multiple spaces
  • create noticeable savings from reduced travel costs and productivity loss
  • be a catalyst for further economic growth in the Olentangy River Road corridor

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