Columbus, OH,
12:00 PM

“OhioHealth Believed in Me, Now I Believe in We”

It wasn’t always clear which path recent graduate Brittany Cutlip would take in terms of her career. After testing out a career in animal health and having an epiphany one day to pursue nursing, Brittany found her way to OhioHealth and began her journey here as a tech, five years ago.

During those five years, Brittany learned a lot about the field of nursing and met many people who made a lasting impact. She remembers her first manager, Nancy Buehler, clinical team leader, who is one of the reasons she fell in love with this profession.

“She knew you, she knew your family, she knew your dogs, and she would come in early and leave late,” says Brittany. “But most importantly, she was the one who gave me the chance.”

Brittany quickly fell in love with the OhioHealth culture, the opportunities to grow, the security and the passion that her coworkers showed.

“Shortly after I started at OhioHealth, I knew I wanted to be a nurse,” says Brittany.

She recalled the moment she knew she was in the right place, when she sat bedside with one of her favorite patients through their last few days and felt she made a difference in their life.

Brittany recently graduated from Columbus State Community College with her associate’s degree in nursing. She accredits that accomplishment to not only hard work and the support of her family, but to OhioHealth. Brittany was one of the recipients of the OhioHealth Scholar Program, which covered the cost of her tuition and provided her with the opportunity to finish school. After missing the deadline to submit her application, Brittany was moved by the actions of her manager, Holly Hall BSN, RN, S.A.N.E., clinical nurse manager, who made all the calls she needed to make on Brittany’s behalf so that she could help her.

“And if it wasn’t for that program or Holly, I would not have been able to pursue my dream in nursing,” says Brittany.

She decorated her graduation cap, “OhioHealth believed in me, now I believe in WE,” which when asked what that phrase means to her, responded, “It’s so much. It’s family here. People who don’t need to take a chance on you, do take the chance on you. They believe in you and push you towards your goals. You come out on the other end after accomplishing something you never thought you would accomplish or get to.”

Brittany recently applied for an OhioHealth fellowship, where she will now be a critical care fellow at Riverside Methodist while in pursuit of her bachelor’s degree. Congratulations, Brittany! WE are proud of you.