Circleville, OH,
14:00 PM

OhioHealth Berger Hospital President Tim Colburn To Retire

After 23 years of service to OhioHealth Berger Hospital, President Tim Colburn is retiring. 

tim-colburn-profileDuring his tenure as president, Colburn led Berger in key initiatives such as efforts to raise $4 million to convert hospital rooms to single-patient; enhancing cardiology, oncology, neurology and urology offerings; rebuilding the hospital’s emergency department; and navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Ahead of his departure, Colburn has provided the following brief answers to questions about his time at Berger Hospital and his upcoming plans. 

Q: Having been at the helm of Berger Hospital during the pandemic, what insights can you give from that time? 

A: We were challenged during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we worked very hard to make sure Berger remained successful. However, the challenge and hard work are not what I remember today. I feel pride. I am proud that the Berger team and community did such great work for our patients and residents during COVID. 

Q: What did becoming an OhioHealth member hospital mean to you? 

A: I am grateful to our city and county elected officials and the board members who selected OhioHealth to be our partner. Our community, patients, medical staff, associates and many more are better off because Berger is part of OhioHealth and because OhioHealth has honored all their commitments to make local care better for our community. 

Q: You’re known for your leadership in and around the community, not just in healthcare. What advice do you have for those stepping into such roles? 

A: Focus on making a small difference daily and this will add up to a large impact. Hard work and commitment matter — it takes dedication to make a difference. 

Q: What is the plan for you now in retirement? 

A: My passion is serving the community, and I want to continue to make our community better. My goal is to continue to make an impact locally. 

Q: What is special about this community? 

A: The people of our community make it special. Our people rally around each other, collaborate to get things done, focus their energy on improving the community and truly enjoy our heritage as a hardworking, midwestern, rural community. The people of this community have made my time at Berger to meaningful, enjoyable and fun. 

Q: What is/was your message to staff that will continue on? 

A: In my 23 years at Berger, and I would argue in Berger’s history, there has never been a stronger Berger team. Our medical staff, leaders, managers and associates are more gifted, talented and committed to their profession than I have ever witnessed. This strength will foster their future successes and will benefit the patients and community served by Berger. 

Colburn’s official last day with the hospital will be Friday, February 3. OhioHealth leadership has developed a transition plan which will be shared soon. 

“It has been an honor and pleasure to serve our community while at Berger Health System and OhioHealth Berger Hospital,” said Colburn. “I look forward to continuing to serve our community in new ways.”