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OhioHealth Cancer Survivorship Lecture Series Educates and Inspires

Cancer Survivorship Series

Being told you have been diagnosed with cancer is a life changing experience. Suddenly, patients and their caregivers become consumed with surgery, chemotherapy or radiation – sometimes all three.

But what about when all of that ends? While patients may see their medical team less frequently, they might still have questions as they travel through the next phase of their journey - survivorship.

That’s where the OhioHealth Cancer Survivorship Lecture Series steps in. The series travels to hospitals throughout the OhioHealth system providing education, advice and fellowship to survivors and their families on a variety of topics.

“The opportunity to be able to reconnect with them after they’ve gone through treatment at a time when we consider them to be cancer survivors is really a special opportunity,” said Ronney Abaza, MD, OhioHealth robotic urologic surgeon.

Dr. Abaza was recently the featured speaker at the latest stop on the series, OhioHealth Dublin Methodist Hospital. The topic? “What comes next? Life after cancer.”

“It’s a chance for patients to get not necessarily closure because they’ll always be survivors, but basically, to be able to get some perspective on their life moving forward and hopefully be able to take something positive away from their cancer experience after having gone through the more difficult times,” said Dr. Abaza.

The OhioHealth Cancer Survivorship Lecture Series is held throughout the year. There are a variety of topics presented, including finding your new normal after cancer and cancer prevention and detection.

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