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OhioHealth Cardiologist and Founder of Walk With a Doc Celebrates National Walking Day on Good Morning America

Cardiologist and Founder of Walk with a Doc, David Sabgir, MD, appeared on Good Morning America on Wednesday, April 5, to celebrate National Walking Day. 

Walk with a DocWalk with a Doc was started in 2005 by Dr. Sabgir when he invited his patients to go on a walk with him one morning. To his surprise, over 100 people showed up and is now all over the world with 500 chapters, led by doctors or medical students. 

A doctor or medical student gives a brief presentation at the beginning on a health topic and then leads participants on a walk at their own pace. Healthy snacks, coffee, and blood pressure checks are an optional part of a Walk with a Doc event. In 2009, Walk with a Doc became an official 501( c ) (3) and is now all around the globe with 500 chapters worldwide, inclduing Walk with a FUTURE Doc chapters led by medical students. 

Dr. Sabgir expressed the importance of walking during his appearance on GMA.

“Walking is one of the easiest things we can do to improve our health,” Dr. Sabgir told a GMA journalist. 

Walking is beneficial in a variety of ways.

“There's reduction in heart attack, stroke, heart falure by 50 percent, it'll reduce the risk of 13 different cancers, it is incredible in treating anxiety and depression, it really gets the job done,” Dr Sabgir said. 

To learn more about Walk with a Doc, the benefits of walking and how to get involved, click here

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