Van Wert,
13:00 PM

OhioHealth Celebrates Van Wert Hospital as 14th Full Member Hospital

Certainly fitting, on a sunny March day, the hope is as bright as the sun in Van Wert as OhioHealth welcomes the 14th full member OhioHealth hospital.

“Growth is a very important part of our strategic plan, its necessary to help defray some of the expenses that healthcare systems have to bear,” Steve Markovich, OhioHealth CEO said.   “But, most importantly, a chance to offer great quality care, in all communities we serve.”

The newest associates were greeted with a hero’s welcome. That’s exactly what these teams have been throughout years of a global pandemic, and throughout a storied history dating back decades.

“The most important thing is culture,” Markovich said. “When we talk about culture its two things, how do they embrace mission, and take care of their people, you can’t do the mission without the people.”

And the newest chapter includes a large, established health system in OhioHealth. And the teams can’t wait to get started.

“They have been excited, I think they can’t wait for the resources we will have now that helps keep great care, and keep our patients local,” Leslie Beining, Assistant Chief Nursing Officer said.

For Joy Bischoff, the interim president at OhioHealth Van Wert Hospital, she leads a team that has always done great work, but now has backing for growth, and for resources.

“It’s important to have the backing and resources of a large system, we have the financial stewardship to keep services in Van Wert for years to come,” Bischoff said.

It’s that commitment that has OhioHealth CEO Steve Markovich confident this will not only work but will take care to the next level in this community.

“We’ve done this before, have great experience, and our commitment to keep care local will make the difference,” Markovich said.