Dublin, OH,
21:52 PM

OhioHealth Dublin Methodist Hospital Announces Expansion Plans

Now in its 10th year of operation, work is underway at OhioHealth Dublin Methodist Hospital for a $20 million dollar expansion project.

“Over these 10 years of serving the Dublin community, we have seen a need to physically grow, as well as adding new services to best care for patients and their families,” OhioHealth Dublin Methodist Hospital president Steve Bunyard said. “With OhioHealth making significant financial commitments here, we have positioned ourselves to continue to respond to the daily needs of our patients, while giving our teams the tools and space to offer great care, close to home.”

The current plans include 32,000 square feet of new space at the hospital and renovation of 10,000 square feet. The expansion at Dublin Methodist Hospital will include 8 additional postpartum beds and 1 labor delivery room on the second floor. This will bring the total number of postpartum beds to 27 and labor delivery rooms to 10.

Additionally, Dublin Methodist Hospital will add a 15-bed observation unit connected to the north side of the emergency department. This observation unit will be for shorter stays of less than 24 hours, while physicians decide if a patient needs to be admitted or not.

“We know that the number of families choosing to have their babies at Dublin Methodist is at an all-time high,” Bunyard said. “We are now delivering more than 2500 babies each year, and simply put, needed more space. This along with the new observation unit area will continue to make Dublin Methodist a location where patients want to come for care, and a destination where physicians want to work.”

Along with the new construction at the hospital, the expansion plans include renovation work creating contiguous, perioperative support, and storage space above the MRI on the first floor, and above the soon to be constructed observation unit. This work will allow for potential operating room expansion in the future.

Messer Construction is the lead group on the project, while M + A Architects will serve as the lead design professional.

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