Columbus, OH,
21:24 PM

OhioHealth Medical Minute: Mammograms

MM Mammogram Newsroom

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and a good time to remind women to schedule their yearly mammograms. This screening tool can be a vital resource in detecting breast cancer early, sometimes before a lump can be felt.

In this edition of OhioHealth Medical Minutes, Marcus Thorpe talks with Natalie Jones, MD, the director of breast cancer services at OhioHealth. They discuss what a mammogram is, why they are important to have every year, what to expect at your appointment and what happens next if something abnormal is found.

Nervous about getting a mammogram? Dr. Jones says once you do it, you’ll see its benefits outweigh the fears.

“I think they realize it’s not as anxiety provoking once they’ve been through the experience one time,” said Dr. Jones. “Our whole group from our technicians to our radiologists are outstanding. We want to make it a positive experience for women because it is so important and it’s critical. If we have those yearly pictures, we can catch things so much earlier than if we let them grow to the point where they are palpable on an exam.

OhioHealth recommends women follow the current National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines below:

  • Screening mammogram beginning at age 40
  • An annual clinical breast exam by a doctor
  • Monthly breast self-exams
  • Specific mammogram screening guidelines can be discussed with your OhioHealth physician

“Certainly if there is any history of breast cancer in the family, we recommend starting 10 years before the youngest affected family member was diagnosed,” said Dr. Jones.

You can schedule your mammogram conveniently online or on the OhioHealth app. Click here for more information.

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