Columbus, OH,
15:00 PM

Over My Head Boutique Now Serving Patients in Delaware

OhioHealth does all it can to provide the best cancer services possible for its patients. In addition to providing high-quality care, it’s also important to help patients feel more like themselves following hair loss from chemotherapy or mastectomy. That’s where Over My Head Boutique comes in. In 2012, Bethany Golden relocated the Over My Head Boutique to the Bing Cancer Center at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital to provide prosthetic breasts and head coverings to cancer patients and survivors. Since the boutique’s relocation, it has served 2,500 clients, 200 of those being from Delaware.

But as of this summer, Delaware patients no longer have to drive to Columbus to receive these services. Over My Head Boutique is giving Delaware residents an opportunity to enjoy a shorter commute to the OhioHealth Delaware Medical Campus for fittings. On the third Tuesday of each month, patients can enter a room with mirrors, built-in light fixtures and mannequin heads with wigs on display for a fitting done by the same Over My Head staff they would see in Columbus.

“We are so excited to have Over My Head Boutique doing fittings at the Delaware Medical Campus,” said Mindy Sanford, director of clinical support at the Delaware campus. “Their services help women feel a sense of normalcy before and after treatment and having opportunities for fittings right here in Delaware, where they are receiving their cancer care, adds an element of convenience to the process for our patients.”

This has been Golden’s dream ever since her mother had a tough time with cancer aesthetics during her 11-year battle with breast cancer.

“It was always my goal to create products that were of the best quality, so you just felt better at a difficult time,” Golden said.

In 2002, the same year that her mother passed away, Golden graduated from the Ohio State University after she studied product development and fashion merchandising. Now, Golden’s boutique offers hair alternatives including hats, scarves, turbans and wigs that come in different styles and colors. In addition, Over My Head is the only boutique in central Ohio where post-breast surgery clients can get their chest wall digitally scanned for a breast prosthetic that fits like a puzzle piece.

In the past, Golden remembers the available products for cancer patients and survivors as not functional or fashionable. She also noted that there was no insurance coverage for reconstruction, breast prosthetics or bras. Golden works with her clients’ health insurance and, if needed, the OhioHealth Foundation, to help cover the costs for the boutique’s products.

Appointments for a fitting at Over My Head Boutique can be made by calling the Delaware Medical Campus at 740-615-0228.