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Social Media and Happiness

How does using Facebook affect your happiness and life satisfaction?


Video Transcript: 

Is Facebook a real upper or downer when it comes to your feelings of well-being and satisfaction?

According to a new study, personal interactions on the social media giant can have a major positive impact on your life.

But researchers say passively reading a post or simply clicking ‘like’ won’t raise your happiness level, it’s personalized posts and comments that can be very uplifting.

They recruited more than 1,900 Facebook users from 91 countries… tracking their Facebook behavior and having them fill out surveys for 3 months. The team found it was receiving targeted communications from close friends that was associated with improvements in psychological well-being.

One of the authors says, "It turns out that when you talk with a little more depth on Facebook to people you already like, you feel better… That also happens when people talk in person."

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