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Teen Healthcare Camp

Ohio University and OhioHealth Team Up For 3 Day Camp

Teen Medical Camp

Welcome to Summer School.

But here on the Ohio University Dublin campus, this 3 day high school camp takes learning to a whole new level. This is the Discovery Series.

"Everyone seems excited, what I will take from it. Everyone excited about their career, and a lot of careers don’t have that. From the medical students beginning the journey to those that are living it," High School Junior Jose Bermudez-Segura said.

This camp, a partnership between Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine in Dublin, Labcorp and OhioHealth, brings 45 students from 18 high schools together.

“These folks will be integrating into our healthcare system, the people that further the mission," said Ashley Johnson, OhioHealth Community Relations.

The voices, and those leading the hands-on exercises are medical students are OhioHealth doctors and team members, along with faculty here.

"There are a lot of our students here at the college because they had an experience like that, really impacted them and made decisions in their heath careers," said Dr. Sherri Reynolds, professor at Ohio University.

Dr Sherri Reynolds wears many hats here. Physician at OhioHealth, and professor at the college. She says it’s great when these young high schoolers get that a-ha moment in the three days

"A few minutes in, you might have some that are quiet and reserved, then you have this beaming smile, as they take it in, learn from these new experiences," Dr. Reynolds said.

That’s the goal. Pulling back the curtain, showing what is possible in the medical field, with those that are living it every day at OhioHealth.

"They are excited to tell their story, and be able to relate to the students and understand that every path is different, many different routes to go," Johnson said.

And who knows, maybe because of this event, we find the next doctor or medical professional.

"Now I want to pursue a career in the medical field, pre-med, it’s been a great experience," Bermudez-Segura said.