Dublin, OH,
15:22 PM

This Week News: Dublin Methodist Hospital Rooftop Garden

Garden Brings Team Together For Bonding & Relaxation

Working on a surgical team is not easy work. There are many stresses that come with that job. So, how do you relax? The team at Dublin Methodist Hospital has found some peace - on the roof.  That's right, each shift spends time on the roof amongst the fruits and vegetables of a rooftop garden.

“My enjoyment is watching them enjoy themselves,” Dr. Greg Berlet told the Dublin Villager.

Dr. Berlet is an orthopedic surgeon with the Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center.  A portion of his week is spent working with the surgical team at Dublin Methodist.

Last year the team decided to plant a few herbs and vegetables on the roof of Dublin Methodist. After some success with tomatoes, peppers and other herbs, the group decided to step up their game for year two.

This year, with financial help from The Berlet Family Foundation, as well as the OhioHealth Foundation, the surgical team added an irrigation system, and several larger planting pots.

Surgical technician Jay Rowe says he's been working on his home garden for about 20 years. With that much experience, he took the lead, along with his green thumb to include more items this year.

What also happened is more of the staff took ownership, spending more time together, away from the operating room.

“It’s been very nice for the department,” Rowe said.

The team comes outside during some downtime at the hospital, picking straight from the growing areas, adding vegetables to their lunches, or taking some product home.  Many times, they return with salsa or other foods made at home with the produce, with enough to share with the entire group.

“The garden was merely the tool for us to build a cooperative culture around something that isn’t just work,” Berlet said.

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