Columbus, OH,
16:36 PM

Columbus Dispatch: Absorbable stent does job, disappears

The first new type of heart stent in nearly a decade has recently been implanted in patients at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital by Interventional Cardiologist Steven Yakubov, MD.

The new biodegradable stent called Absorb, by Abbott Laboratories, is used to clear blockages in the coronary arteries. Unlike metal stents, which have been the standard stent material for some two decades, the Absorb stent is made of material similar to absorbable sutures and fully dissolve within three years.

The stent’s ability to dissolve has advantages over metal stents, especially for patients at risk for recurring blockages. Once a metal stent is placed inside the artery, it can be difficult to work around if a future blockage occurs. Dr.

Dr. Yakubov, chief of OhioHealth’s structure heart program, was a principle investigator of this new stent.

To learn more about this new stent, read the recent article in The Columbus Dispatch.

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